Dispute for Validation of Gambling in Texas

Gambling, in literal terms, means a pre-offer of financial gain pegged on an event or circumstances or even the occurrence or failure of an event. In a nutshell, it means that the person who wagers gains money if the outcome of the game is favorable to him, or he loses money if it goes against him. Just like any other field game, a lot depends upon chance. The only difference is that the game is over in a shorter period than other conventional games. Thus, the similarity of a common recreational sport with its bounty and gambling fuels the argument for the legalization of gambling in Texas.

Genesis Of Gambling

Religion and gambling were intricately related, and it was an integral part of religious belief in pre-historic times. Many historians contend that the genesis of gambling was related to religious practices by religious leaders who thought they communicated with gods who would predict what would happen to the people. It was believed that religious leaders had the power to talk and interact with Gods and, in the process, knew the events of the future beforehand. The means of knowing the future depends upon the dice which are thrown from a person’s hand.

The dice or the objects cast would be interpreted as positive or negative. It was also believed that if an odd number were cast, it would mean a negative result, and if an even number were cast, it would specify a positive outcome.  

Gambling in Texas

Many advocates contend that Gambling In Texas is justified. There are many reasons for the legalization of Gambling in Texas.  Gambling is a criminal offense in Texas under the statutory provisions (Texas statutes 1). Gambling is often used to raise money for socially productive causes. Also, gambling is seen as a means of entertainment and to ease oneself from the hectic work schedule of the week.

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