Antiquity of Gambling History In the US and How It Links with the Current Epochs

Gambling as an activity is entertaining and could lead to severe financial crises and even bankruptcy. However, it is in the genes of Americans and Native Americans to bet. Looking at Gambling History, many charitable institutions and revolutions have been bankrolled by funds from lotteries which is also a kind of betting. Gambling History and the new world’s history are intricately linked. If we need to understand the act of gambling from the present perspective, it is essential to examine the history of gambling in the US and how it connects with the current times.

Gambling History-Arrival Of The Europeans

In the history of the new world and the arrival of European settlers to the Revolutionary conflict, gambling played a massive role in the outcome of these events. Gambling was very popular among all classes, and the first gambling dens came up as early as the start of the exodus of Europeans to the new world.

However, a notorious incident of gamblers being hanged forced the gambling business to relocate to the river boats. It flourished until the civil war when it was halted for a brief interlude. The advent of the gold rush introduced the modern form of gambling, with female bookers jumping into the fray and in high demand. Gambling had its share of opponents though it continued in an illegal form.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, horse racing became the latest form of gambling, soon becoming very popular, only to be outlawed along with prostitution. The outlawed gambling continued illegally until the start of casinos in Las Vegas, which was to soon become the gambling center of the nation and the world. The advent of the Second World War did not dampen the sport, which grew to include horse racing and sports betting. The process continues to this day.

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