Shraddha case: Shraddha had conveyed her fear of murder to police two years ago, saying, "He would chop me into pieces."

According to media sources, Shraddha filed a case against Aftab with the Mumbai Police two years ago. 

Shraddha had complained to the Mumbai Police that Aftab used to beat her. He threatened to kill him if the cops did not intervene quickly.

Shraddha told Mumbai's Palghar police that Aftab assaulted her in a letter. 

I attempted to strangle him to death. Not only that, but Aftab intimidated and blackmailed her, threatening to kill her and dismember her.

The accused had thrown the saw and blade into a forest near DLF in Gurugram. 

Aside from that, he had tossed Chapad in the rubbish on a 100-foot road in Chhattarpur. On the other hand, the call centre where Aftab used to work in Gurugram has suddenly made him work from home.