Marie Tharp's life and talents are honoured in a Google Doodle.

Google is known for coming up with the most inventive methods to commemorate the lives of geniuses who have left an indelible impression on the world.

Through its creative doodles, the internet company has honoured various global luminaries in science, arts, literature, and education.

Google devoted a doodle to one of cartography's major names on November 21 (Monday). 

Marie Tharp, an American geologist and oceanographic mapper, developed some of the most breakthrough maps, which changed people's perceptions of the planet.

On November 21, 1988, the Library of Congress named Tharp as one of the greatest cartographers of the twentieth century.

Tharp began her career in the early 1950s, when much of the land was already charted, but the ocean remained a mystery.