Adele admits to having jitters as she prepares for her Las Vegas debut.

"As I type this, I'm feeling a variety of emotions. I'm extremely emotional and nervous, but I can't sit still because I'm so happy. 

I feel a million miles away from home, and I can't quit thinking about when I was a kid and saw Tom Jones in Mars Attacks and wondered how he got from Wales to Las Vegas!?

I'm always frightened before shows, which I view as a good thing because it implies I care and want to do a good job.

Perhaps it's because I didn't begin when I was meant to. 

 I'm not sure if it's because it's opening night, since Hyde Park went so well, or because I love the show.

Adele's residency comes after a long wait for her admirers. Last January, the series of events was postponed and then rescheduled.