5 Strategies to Choose a Winning Lottery Ticket Numbers

Playing the lottery has become a favored pass-time or activity among many people around the world. One of the reasons why lotteries are so popular perhaps is the opportunity it provides lotto players to win large amounts of money – with a relatively small buy-in. There are some different methods to help you choose winning lotto numbers. Chances, in reality, however, of winning a six-ball lottery are very, very small.

For this reason, many people who play the different lotteries – such as the standard six-ball lotto, and the power-ball as well as lotto-plus, might find it of paramount importance to know how to choose lotto/lottery numbers that have more of a chance of generating winnings.

Strategies to Choose a Winning Lottery Ticket Numbers

Some Tips Or Methods To Help You Choose Winning Lotto Numbers

As lotteries are supposedly completely random, and the odds of winning the lotto jackpot or matching all numbers might be very, very small; there are some methods or pointers that can help you to choose better lotto/lottery numbers. Remember, these are only pointers or methods that, in theory, can help you to choose better combinations and numbers. However, ruling out the element of luck is nearly impossible – so whilst these tips may help, they do not guarantee you the lotto jackpot!

1. Checking The Statistics On Winning Lotto Numbers

One method that is used often by people who play national lotteries, regularly according to Casino.org is researching the statistics of their prospective number choices. Players often take a look at what numbers appear the most often in the respective lotto and this can help guide their choice in picking their lotto numbers. What must be said, however, is there is as much of a chance of a number with a much lower history of appearing in winning lotto numbers, than a number that has statistically or historically appeared more often. Lottery statistics are not graded on the future, but rather only on past events.

2. Don’t Choose Consecutive Lotto Numbers

While it is true that a lotto or lottery should involve a sequence of numbers chosen completely randomly, it has been found that choosing consecutive numbers such as 2, 3, 4 or 21, 22, 23 might lessen your chances of choosing a winning combination for the next lotto draw. Try to avoid this.

3. Buy More Lotto Tickets

One of the best methods to help you choose winning lotto numbers is to buy more lotto tickets. As the lotto is a game of chance – and you have to play to win, the more you play – the more chance you have of choosing winning lottery numbers.

4. Choose A Good Spread

One of the more popular methods people employ to increase their chances of winning the lotto is employing a good spread. What this entails, is dividing the lotto number range into four sections. For example 1-13, 14-27, 28-41, 42-56. Then players choose one or two numbers in each range. This is called a spread. Theoretically, this is supposed to improve the probability of some of your numbers appearing in the winning lotto combination. Of course, as mentioned earlier, there are no guarantees – it is just a method that some regular players tend to enjoy.

5. Stay Away From Quick Picks Or Computer Generated Combinations

Whilst lotto ‘quick picks’ or numbers generated by a random number generator are employed in many different lotteries as a method of playing the lotto quickly, many players believe that ‘quick picks’ or randomly generated lotto combinations are not as successful as numbers picked by individuals or ‘by hand’. What must be stated, however, is that there could be, technically, as much of a chance of computer-generated lottery numbers winning as any other combination. Again, this is just advice that players who play the lottery regularly give.

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