Play Craps: A beginners Guide To Playing Craps Online

While the game of craps is one of the most exciting activities at the casino, many people don’t know how to play the game. However, craps is a game with a very favorable house edge. Therefore, knowing how to play the game, where to practice, and where to find some good online casinos that offer this gambling activity is paramount.

How To Play Craps – For Beginners

In brief, ‘Craps’ is enjoyed online or at a land-based casino. We can break the game up into two parts: The dice throw and betting. Before we take a deeper look into the game, it is important to describe the vocabulary used at the craps table and when playing craps online.


To begin, the ‘shooter’, according to Poker News, is the player who throws the dice.

Next, we get the term: ‘the come-out roll.’ The game, or round, starts, when the ‘shooter’ throws the ‘come-out roll.’ So, in essence, this refers to the first dice rolled after the previous betting round has ended. The current betting round starts with the ‘come-out roll.’

‘Natural’ – this term refers to occasions when the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, meaning they win and get the opportunity to roll again.

‘Craps.’ When rolling ‘Craps,’ – a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled by the shooter. This is an undesirable roll, as not only does the shooter lose, but they must roll again.

‘Point’ – if the shooter rolls any one of the following numbers, it is referred to as a ‘point’ roll: ‘4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10′. When it comes to rolling a point, the shooter has to roll again. If they roll the same number again they win. If they roll a 7, however, they lose’. When done so, they also end the betting round.

Okay, now let us look at how to bet.

‘Pass or Don’t Pass’ Line Bets

Let us begin with ‘Pass Line’ bets. Here, a person bets that the shooter will win the round by throwing either a natural number or by rolling the same number on the point before they roll a seven. When it comes to ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bets, players’ bets represent the opposite outcome. Here, players bet that the shooter will not roll a natural number on the point but rather roll craps or roll the elusive number seven during the point.

Come and Don’t Come Bet’s

The next two types of bets you get in craps are: ‘Come’ and ‘Don’t Come bets. These bets start only once the point has started, in other words when the shooter rolls a point. The ‘Come’ bet then follows the same pattern as the ‘Pass Line’ bet – if the shooter rolls the point again, this bet wins. However, if you are betting for the shooter to roll a natural number or for the shooter to roll ‘craps’ during the point, then this is called a “Don’t Come Bet.’

Proposition Bets

  1. ‘Place bets’ – where you bet that a certain number will be rolled
  2. Field Bets’ – You win if a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 is rolled. A 5, 6, 7, or 8 makes you lose.
  3. ‘Big Sixes And Big Eights’- the bet is made that either the total of the dice will be six or eight, and this outcome will happen before a seven is rolled.

Playing Craps Online For Beginners

Besides knowing how the game works – and how to bet, anyone wanting to learn how to play craps must have some practice before gambling online for real money. In this regard, there are lots of online casinos that allow a person to play craps for free. Joining a free craps game online and playing as often as possible can familiarize you with the game. This is one of the best strategies to employ to become an expert craps player. Playing online can be a lot of fun. Finding an online casino that offers this game is not difficult as the game of craps is one of the most popular gambling activities that both traditional land-based casinos and online casinos host.

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