What Is Advantage Play in Casinos Part 2

Continuing our series on how to use advantage play, here are some more tactics players use to get an advantage on the house and score.

Edge Sorting Advantage Play

This borders on cheating because the player is not using information but taking advantage of certain flaws in the card production and using the information to his advantage. It is a bit more controversial than Hole Carding.

Several casino card companies produce cards with asymmetrical designs that a careful player can detect.

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It is a situation where the house does not do a proper shuffle after every hand, which envisages turning half of the cards before shuffling; a player could turn all the face cards in one direction and all the non-face cards in the other.

The player can easily envisage the approximate value of dealer cards. The prior knowledge of the dealer’s cards could be a massive advantage to a player in these and many other games. If the player is aware of the 1, 2, or all 3 of the dealer’s cards, he can wreak havoc in a game like Three Card Poker or Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Information Sharing Advantage Play

Information sharing is a big no in most casino tables. However, most casinos are very lax in enforcing these rules. Therefore if the players are friends and love a pleasing and entertaining game will often look around or flat-out share what they have with others at the table. It is so common that someone taking advantage of this lack of game protection can easily blend into the crowd and not be noticed.


One can see that players can get a head start by using advantage play techniques. However, most of the tricks mentioned above are due to the fallacies of the casino, which fail to follow their own rules. If the casino follows the rules and precautions of the word, the advantage will shift towards the house, or clever players will take advantage of these loopholes.

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