7 Largest Casinos in Oklahoma: Check Out The Biggest Casinos in Oklahoma

America is, indeed, the home of big. It’s the home of the Big Mac, the largest armed forces in the world, and the grand canyon. Oklahoma is located in Central America. The state has a population of approximately 4 million – and its capital is Oklahoma City (which has a population of approximately 700 thousand). In the spirit of the US (or America) – this article will explore or list the 7 largest Casinos in Oklahoma and invite you to check out the 7 largest Casinos in Oklahoma. Read on if you are interested.

An Introduction To The Gambling Scene In Oklahoma

Before we look at a list of the 7 largest Casinos in Oklahoma, let us examine the state’s gambling scene. To begin, Oklahoma state, according to Travel Ok, boasts over 100 different casinos. Some of these casinos, according to the site, are even traveling or gambling resorts with hundreds of slot machines and poker tables available to their guests. Let us now take a look at 7 of the largest casinos in Oklahoma.

Check Out The 7 Largest CasinosIin Oklahoma

A List Of The 7 ‘Largest’ Casinos In Oklahoma –

Below is a list of what are the 7 largest casinos found in Oklahoma. The information has been taken from an article found on 500Nations.com.

  • Winstar World Casino – top of the list is the Winstar World Casino. Winstar World Casino is located in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The casino employs over 2500 employees. Furthermore, as for massive, the floor area of the casino is over 400 thousand square feet. It has nearly twenty restaurants, 7000 slot machines, and even 46 poker tables. This is not to mention the eight hundred different bingo tables at this casino. It is also officially regarded as the largest Casino Resort in the world.
  • Choctaw Casino Resort – the second largest Casino in Oklahoma is the Choctaw Casino Resort. The Choctaw Casino resort is located in Durant, Oklahoma, and has just over 1,200 employees. Furthermore, it has 9 bars and restaurants for patrons to utilize. Again, in the typical American style – its floor size is massive – approximately 220 thousand square feet. As for the number of poker tables – there are just over 30 – with over 4 000 different slot machines to play.
  • River Spirit Casino – is the third-largest casino in Oklahoma, according to 500Nations.com. It hosts over three thousand different slots gaming machines and is located in Tulsa. It also offers numerous gambling tables and half a dozen bars and restaurants.
  • River Wind Casino – is the fourth largest casino in the state. It has just under 220 square feet of floor space. Lots of casino tables and a staggering 2 700 different machines to choose from.
  • Hard Rock Casino – the fifth largest casino in Oklahoma, Hard Rock Casino is also famous around the world. For this reason, if you want to check out 7 of the largest casinos in Oklahoma, this casino must be on your list. It is found in the location of Catoosa. It has thousands of different machines to play and a large number of poker tables as well. It is worth the visit.
  • Grand Casino Hotel Resort – the sixth-largest casino in Oklahoma, according to 500Nations.com, is the Grand Casino Hotel Resort. It has half a dozen different places to eat or drink. Again it has thousands of slot machines to choose from – and over seventy different gambling tables to play on.
  • Newcastle Casino – if you want to check out 7 of the largest Casinos in Oklahoma, no list is complete without the seventh largest casino in Oklahoma – Newcastle Casino. Newcastle casino has two and a half thousand different slot games to choose from. It is located in Newcastle, Oklahoma.

Well, that’s it for today. Hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to check out the 7 largest casinos in Oklahoma. If you have, be sure to read the following article: Best Slot Machines In Las Vegas: Perfect Slot Machines To Pay

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