How To Attract Luck In Gambling: Feng Shui Tips

For centuries Chinese geomancy, or the art of feng shui, has been used to improve the quality of life and bring happiness and peace to homes. There are many situations where the art of Feng Shui provides the fillip, strength, and energy to face the vagaries of life. Today what was once considered a pseudo-science is better understood and is even employed by professional gamblers to improve their skill and luck quotient.

Advantage Of Feng Shui While Gambling

The ancient Chinese culture harped on a system of energy forces in the environment that can be tamed and used to create harmony and used in both physical spaces or even by a human being. Dissecting the meaning of Feng Shui, it means the wind and water and their relationship. It is also dubbed as a powerful force that can negate bad luck and bring good fortune. This is one of the reasons why casino players have started to include some of the principles of feng shui in their gambling habits.

Like many other metaphysical and paranormal phenomena, it is also seen by many westerners as a pseudoscience. However, on delving deeper, one finds many facts of Chinese science identical to many pieces of advice that western experts dole out while Gambling. These include keeping calm and balanced when Gambling. By generating harmony while playing casino games, some believe it helps bring affluence by adding to peace and harmony.

Basics Of Feng Shui

The basics of feng shui envisage creating harmony and peace in one’s environment. The space or the area around the player is as important as the skills and the game itself. Creating space for peaceful gaming enables positive energy flow without any impediment.

Therefore, try to clear as much clutter as possible at home or at a casino and make the air dust-free and aroma-free. Sitting near the door or a window also helps the unhindered positive energy flow. Also, certain artifacts like the laughing Buddha, an aquarium, a Bamboo plant, or a small fountain are all addendums in the basics of feng shui, which will bring luck and harmony. It’s bad luck to count your money or look at your compatriots’ money because it stops the flow.


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