How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make?

Gambling might be a favorite pastime for many. Indeed, the idea of winning it big whether on the slot machines, at the poker table, at craps, or at the blackjack table, is very alluring. However, going to the casino is not a pastime but a profession for some. One group of these people is Blackjack Dealers. In this light, this post will look at the question – how much do blackjack dealers make? Firstly, a brief overview of the casino game of blackjack will be given then we will look at the house’s edge in blackjack following which, we will look at some of the expected earnings or salaries of professional blackjack dealers. Read on if you are interested!

How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make? An Overview Of The Game

Blackjack is a popular game at most casinos. Many gamblers enjoy playing the game of blackjack. Furthermore, blackjack has been made popular in mainstream media, especially in Hollywood movies. Most games at a casino are games of random chance. Card games like blackjack offer more places for a gambler to use some form of strategy. There are certain rules and guidelines that any blackjack dealer must follow or implement to make sure the house keeps the edge. Let’s look at this topic briefly.

How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make?

How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make? The ‘House’s Edge’

In blackjack and other card games, the ‘house’ or casino much keep an edge or advantage in the amount bet and won by the casino. This is known as the ‘house’s edge.’ So, the percentage of the pot that the casino or house will win over time – is referred to as the house edge. According to Twinspires Edge in blackjack, the house usually maintains a ‘2%’ edge. This means that over time the house will accumulate a ‘2%’ advantage over the players. This is quite a big advantage or edge, and for this reason, blackjack dealers must stick to guidelines and rules of play to maintain the house’s edge.

Now we understand why it is important for blackjack dealers to be professional and stick to a set of guidelines when dealing for a casino. Let us see just what earnings or salaries they can make or continue to answer the question: “How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make?”

How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make? An Explanation

The answer to this question depends on the following factors: How much experience the blackjack dealer has, how many hours they are working – is it part-time or full-time work, and where they work all can change what a blackjack dealer earns.

For example, a blackjack dealer with 1-5 years of experience on average earns $32,230. A blackjack dealer with 5-10 years of experience can earn $42,600 in the US and 10+ years roughly $50,000. Data was taken from However, depending on where such blackjack dealers work – their salaries can increase to roughly $41,200 per year, according to

Lastly, as mentioned above, where a person is located can also determine the answer to the question ‘how much do blackjack dealers make?’ Here are some of the cities in the US where blackjack dealers make the most amount of money, on average, according to Climb The Ladder:

CityAverage Salary
Portland, OR$85,737
Seattle, WA$60,611
Denver, CO$43,938
San Francisco, CA$43,400
Los Angeles, CA$42,920
Miami, FL$33,928
Table Adapted From Climb The Ladder

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