What is double down in Blackjack?

The house edge in blackjack games is one of the lowest in the casino. However, with the best technique, the house edge is kept to a minimum. When used correctly, the double-down bet may offer a significant benefit to the house.

Doubling Down In Blackjack

Before the cards are dealt in a game of blackjack, an initial bet is put. You won’t be allowed to place any extra bets in most cases.

The double down, on the other hand, is unique. The double down option allows you to place an additional bet equal to your ante in exchange for one additional card – and only one card. Your hand is over when you receive the third card, and you must wait to see what the dealer has.

Before you begin, be sure you understand the rules of the game you’re playing. You can only double down on a total of 9, 10, or 11 in several blackjack variations. You can double down on any total in some variations.

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When to double down in Blackjack? 

In a game of blackjack, there is only one time when you can double down – right after you’ve been dealt your first two cards.

There are three categories of hands where it makes the most sense to double down on your original stake at this time. You can’t go bust in any of them, and you have a better chance of winning than the dealer.

1. The dealer’s face-up card is two-six, and you have hard nine (inclusive)

A hard nine is a two-card pair that totals nine but does not include an ace, such as 2 and 7, 3 and 6, or 4 and 5.

2. You hold a hard ten or eleven and the dealer’s face-up card is a lower value than yours.

Probability is in your favor if your first two cards are 2 and 8, 2 and 9, 3 and 7, 3 and 8, 4 and 6, 4 and 7, 5 and 5, or 5 and 6, and the dealer’s card is lower than yours.

Double Down. You cannot go bankrupt, but the dealer runs the risk of exceeding 21 because they must hit till they reach 17.

3. The dealer’s face-up card is two-six, and you have soft 16, 17, or 18. (inclusive)

Do you have an ace in your first two-card hand, coupled with a 5, 6, or 7? Is the dealer holding a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6? It’s a fantastic moment to put your money where your mouth is. There’s a good chance you can strengthen your hand with one more card because the ace can be a one or an eleven.

In blackjack, how do you use double down?

When it comes to blackjack, knowing WHEN to use double down is crucial. You would receive 2 cards and the dealer would receive just 1 at the beginning of the game. If the dealer, for example, presents a 5 or 6, and you show a 9, you know that a 10-value card will almost certainly win you the hand. This could be an excellent opportunity to make a side bet. 

Numerous cards with a value of ten will be found in shoes with a lot of decks (tens, jacks, queens, and kings). If you’re sitting at a table with 6-8 decks, you’re more likely to hit that ten. 

Preparing a double-down chart is a fantastic idea if you’re confused about what to do and also when to do. Depending on both your cards as well as the dealer’s, it will tell you the best double downplay. 

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Benefits of the double down

When your card has a better probability of winning, the double down is similar to placing an additional wager. You’ll have to double your stake, putting yourself in greater danger, but you’ll have more comprehensive information in front of you. 

In certain games, you may double down on a splitting pair. If you’re dealt 10-10 and the dealer presents a 3, 4, 5, or 6, you could split your tens, double down on each, and try for 21 on both hands.

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