How To Find The Best Online Casino: Which Online Casinos Have The Loosest Slots To Offer Or The Best Pay Ratio?

The online gambling market seems to be drawing more and more people to its activities. Indeed, how to find the best online casino where you can win real money is paramount. People enjoy the chance to win money playing the plethora of slot games these real money casinos host Of course, everybody likes the idea of clicking ‘next spin’ and winning the jackpot. However, nobody likes to lose. This is understandable. Many people will tell you it’s part of the whole gambling experience. This is true, but, finding a good online casino that offers a more favorable return-to-player ratio – can help you achieve this dream – and at the same time, help minimize your losses. For these reasons, in this post, we will identify, and therefore compare, a list of 5 casinos that offer the loosest slots – or best: ‘RTPs’. Before this, a brief explanation of the terms: Loose and: “RTP” shall be given. Without any further delay, let us begin!

Definition Of Terms

As mentioned above, it is important to explain the two gambling terms: Loose and “RTP”. In brief, “loose” refers to any slot machine or respective casino that seems to be paying better than average. As even the best online casinos are designed to make money – most of the time the casino will make a dividend. A loose casino (or online casino) is a casino that, therefore, might be more favorable as it returns more money to a gambler or player, statistically.

Best Online Casino

This brings us to our next term: “RTP”. According to Bet And Beat: “Return-to-Player [or rtp] -[is] a percentage representation of the total amount of the bets that are returned to the players over a period of time. Whether a machine has a high or low hit frequency will still produce the same RTP percentage that is programmed in the device in the long term.”

So basically, according to Bet And Beat, RTP can be calculated with the following simple equation: “total amount players win / total player bets over a period of time”

Why Is All This Important?

Knowing which online casinos pay out the best and you stand a better chance of profiting while playing their slots, as well as which individual slots are more favorable is paramount if you want to be a successful gambler. Knowing which real money casinos pay the best when playing the slots – in other words: which are the loosest and have the best RTP percentage is therefore to a gambler’s advantage.

What Is A Good RTP

The answer to this question depends on where you are – and who you talk to. Again, according to Bet And Beat: “RTP is different for every casino, but it ranges from 90-99 percent to get the European Gaming Commission license to operate. For online slot games, a 97% RTP gives you very good odds of winning, while 96%, which is the industry standard, is also an acceptable return. Anything below 90% when it comes to online slot games should be avoided.” So basically, for the application of gambling online or choosing loose slots or winning slots – an RTP percentage above 96% can allow us to describe a casino as loose. Let’s now take a look at 5 of the best online real money casinos, or best casinos to gamble online with an RTP, above 95%.

A List Of 5 Of the Best ‘Loose’ Online Casinos – Casinos That You Stand The Chance Of Winning Real Money At!

To, end – here is a list is taken from with 5 of the lowest casinos that have a good RTP and offer a lot of different slots:

888 CASINO97.7%2200+
LEO VEGAS97.53%1,700+
ROYAL PANDA96.45%3,000+
adopted from Bet And Beat

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