The Best Casino Jokes And Puns

The Casino business is serious business. Casino bosses are serious people who make serious money (most of the time). Yet going to a casino can be seriously fun. In the spirit of adding to this – this post contains a list of, arguably, the best casino jokes and puns – sure to get even the toughest crowd laughing. Read on if you want to be the wild card or joker at any casino. Some of these are good!

Why Are Casino Jokes And Puns So Funny?

Before we go on to look at some of the best casino jokes and puns, perhaps, answering the question of why casino jokes and puns are so funny might help enrich this post and provide a lead to write from. To begin, as mentioned earlier, the casino business is a serious business. Money is won and lost here. Making jest of serious topics – which are not rude or taboo – can be advantageous as – it helps you to laugh at not only yourself but find humor in the complexities that make up this arena for adult entertainment. As the casino hosts gambling, a form of gaming or a pastime for adults – making jest and having fun in a Safeway can help you lighten up and laugh more. In this light, being of good spirit is always a positive. So for those of you who love frequenting casinos (or not), here are some of them:

Best Casino Jokes And Puns

The Best Casino Jokes And Puns

  1. “The ATM”: – A certain gambler walks into a casino and asks one of the casino’s security guards which machine people get hold of the most money from. Calmly, the security guard points toward the ATM.
  2. “All About Race”: This is one of the funniest casino jokes and puns – it goes something like this: A certain gambler was just about to place his bet at the roulette table when a certain African man interjected – “Black, 33.” The gambler took his time and replied: “White, 26.”
  3. “An Oriental Taboo.”: This one is also brilliant and a must-have in any collection of the funniest casino jokes and puns. Question: Why are there no casinos In The Peoples’ Republic of China? Answer: Well, it’s because – “They hate TIBET.”
  4. “The Bet.” This one is a bit dry – but some people might find it hilarious. The joke goes like this: A hot blonde walks over two a craps table and pronounces that she would like to bet $30,000 on a single roll. However, she makes one request (as it is a lot of money on the line) – she requests that she is allowed to take the roll naked – as she is always more lucky like that. The dealers agree – she places her bet and rolls. Immediately afterward she screams with joy, hugs the dealers collect her clothes and chips and leaves the table and casino. Only now do the dealers ask each other – what did she roll anyway?
  5. “Second Hand Cards.” Last on our collection of the funniest casino jokes and puns for today we have “Second Hand Cards.” This to me, is the cleverest joke (or play on words) of them all. It goes a bit like this. A person orders a deck of second-hand cards from a casino. Two weeks later they still haven’t arrived, so he irritably calls the casino back and asks about his order. The casino answers that he has not got his cards yet as: “They are still dealing with his order!”

Well, that’s it for today’s post. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, please read: Check Out The 7 Largest Casinos In Oklahoma: Largest Casinos In Oklahoma. Also, don’t forget to comment below!

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