Online Casino Guide: How To Withdraw Winnings And Transfer Funds

While every gambler enjoys winning – knowing how to withdraw your winnings when engaged in online gambling is paramount. In this post, we will look at funds transfers and deposits in the light of online gambling. Read on if you are interested.

Online Casino Guide: Choose The Right Casino

Choosing a casino that has flexible, accommodating, and the appropriate forms of withdrawing winnings are essential. Make sure the casino you choose to gamble online allows you to do bank transfers, wire transfers, and electronic funds transfers and that lets you withdraw your winnings to an e-wallet is very important. In this light, before you start gambling and deposit money into an online casino – especially if you are an ‘international gambler – make sure you’ll be able to cash your money successfully. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right casino with the appropriate withdrawal options to cash in your money when you win.


Online Casino Guide: Depositing Funds Online

Before we look at how we can withdraw winnings from an online casino, let’s first look at the different options that online casinos allow us to transfer funds to gamble. Most – if not all – online casinos facilitate electronic funds transfers or EFTS as a payment method. Next, various casinos – just about all of them – allow for payments made with debit or credit cards. Naturally, all a gambler has to do here is: give their card details – select the desired deposit amount, and then make the deposit. Various online casinos also allow payments in the form of: ‘bitcoin’ and e-wallets, like: ‘Skrill’ and ‘PayPal.’ It all depends on which casino you choose to gamble at.

Online Casino Guide: Withdrawals (Cashing Your Winnings)

A casino will usually allow a person to withdraw their winnings after a gambler reaches a specific figure. For example, you must have at least $100 before going to the online cashier and withdrawing your funds or withdrawing your money. Furthermore, no online casino will allow you to withdraw your winnings – if you are using an active casino bonus. The rationale behind this is welcome bonuses – and various deposit bonuses – would then be able to be withdrawn with a gambler’s initial buy-in, losing the online casinos out on a lot of money. However, if you have met the withdrawal criterion, you will be able to go to the online cashier and cash out your winnings. Usually, you will have to provide identification. Once this is completed, a gambler is offered options to withdraw their funds. Let us take a look at them.

The first option will be a wire transfer. Here a gambler must know the ‘SWIFT’ code of their bank, the International Bank Number or ‘IBAN’ identification as well as other details regarding their bank. Included is information such as: the branch name and number, bank address, account number, and account holder’s name. Once given, the online casino will usually verify this information, then transfer (or wire) transfer the funds to a gambler’s desired bank account.

Besides this option, many different online casinos also allow gamblers to withdraw their funds into a ‘bitcoin’ account or wallet and various e-wallets like ‘Skrill’ and ‘PayPal.’ Again, depending on the casino you choose, these options may differ and might not be offered. Lastly, some online casinos may use electronic payment software to allow you to withdraw your winnings instantly. According to Best Casino Sites, an example of such an online casino is: ‘Play OJO,’ which uses ‘NETTELLER.’

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