Casino Guide: What Is A Live Casino? How Do You Find Them?

While gambling online is becoming ever more popular, the term ‘Live Casino’ or ‘Live Online Casinos’ has become a much talked about buzzword. What is a ‘Live Casino?’ How do you find them? What are the best ‘Live Casinos Online?’ Can I play live poker online? Can I play live blackjack online? These are all pertinent questions – that need to be answered – if you are interested in gambling at a ‘live dealer casino.’ Knowing all about ‘live casinos’ helps broaden an online gambler’s potential number of gambling activities in which they can engage. Live gambling also adds to the ‘authenticity’ of the act of digital gambling or online gambling. Without any further ado, let us start answering these questions.

Live Casino

What Is A ‘Live Casino?’

Casino Range defines the term: ‘Live Casino’ as: “A live casino game is shown via a live streaming video link, in real-time from a casino table. It can also be streamed from brick-and-mortar casinos. Online players can bet on their computers and communicate with the dealer using the chat function.” So in brief, a ‘live dealer online casino’ is a digital casino that offers: ‘live video streaming of their gambling activities. Furthermore, (as mentioned above) a live casino also offers a ‘chat’ option where users can see the action and speak to or ‘chat’ with the dealer and other gamblers at each of the different ‘live’ gambling tables.

What Are The Advantages Of A ‘Live Dealer Online Casino?’

Playing online casino games, whether for real money or for free can be a lot of fun. Many people also claim it is very convenient. However, there is a general lack of human interaction – that a traditional land-based casino offers. The ability to interact with other gamblers and the dealer and feel the live atmosphere is a large part of the gambling activity. Therefore, companies that offer a ‘live video streaming link’ add to the atmosphere of online gambling and allow gamblers or clients to interact with the casino and dealer more personally. Furthermore, they also add to the authenticity of the gambling activity. For all of these reasons, gambling at a ‘live casino’ or playing live casino games is advantageous.

How Do You Find ‘Live Online Casinos?’

Finding a live online casino is sometimes, according to New Casinos, difficult or ‘daunting’. This is because – there are a plethora of online casinos, and even more are being established (almost every day). Furthermore, finding a casino that offers live ‘real time’ gambling and offers your gambling activity is paramount. For this reason, below is a list of new good casinos offering real-time streaming or, in essence, live gambling.

The Best ‘Live Online Casinos’

Below is a list of the three of the ‘best’ online live casinos, according to Business Insiders:

  1. Wild Casino 
  2. BetOnline 
  3. Bovada 

What Casino Games Can You Play Live?

Not all ‘live casinos’ offer all ‘live’ casino games. For this reason, the answer to this question depends on the actual online casino you might choose to gamble at. In brief, though, most traditional table-based casino games such as:

  1. live blackjack,
  2. live poker
  3. live craps
  4. live roulette
  5. live baccarat

These games can all be played live at ‘live dealer casinos’ which offer such ‘live video streaming online. Depending on the online casino you choose you can undertake ‘live’ gambling from your own home.

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