Blackjack 21: A Beginners Guide To Sensible Betting And Blackjack Game Play

While there are many different games and activities to engage in when gambling – whether online or at a traditional land-based casino, Blackjack 21 is one of the more popular and well-known choices for seasoned gamblers and beginners alike. This article provides some guides for beginners regarding successful – sensible – betting when it comes to Blackjack 21, and how to play the game smartly – with proven strategies that can help you maximize your winnings. The article starts with a brief do’s and don’ts list to help beginner Blackjack 21 players be more comfortable at the traditional casino-based Blackjack 21 table. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

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Blackjack 21: A Quick Do’s And Don’ts List


  1. Remember, if you have just started playing Blackjack 21 at a casino, or are planning to do this for the first time, it is essential to join a game that has a low or medium minimum bet, according to the Parade. In this case, joining a table with a small minimum bet will ensure that A) You play for longer, thus improving your chances of winning, and B)You gain some valuable experience playing while not risking too much.
  2. Play sensibly. In this light (as with all other forms of gambling), you must do this sensibly. Don’t bet too much or play too long and spend more than you have budgeted. Set a specific budget to which you adhere to.
  3. According to Business, it is also good etiquette to tip the dealer. As stated in their article on Blackjack 21, dealers are a lot like waiters or bartenders; they make a large portion of their income from ‘tokes’ and ‘tips’. If you can afford it, give the dealer a ‘tip’ or place a ‘toke’ – which the dealer can bank if the hand wins.
  4. Be social. As Blackjack 21 is a social game, be as social as possible. Greet other players – introduce yourself. Enjoy yourself.


  1. Never interfere with another player’s hand or game. Let them play their own game – don’t offer tips, advice, or pointers. Such action is often frowned upon and seen as rude.
  2. Keep your hands off your cards and bets. Usually, this is a rule at most Blackjack 21 tables.
  3. Never be intimidated by other players. According to Parade, remember to play your own game, and don’t let other players ‘advice’ or criticism change your play.
  4. Always keep your phone and other electronic devices off. Most casinos have this rule.

Blackjack 21 Betting And Play Guide For Beginners:

While Blackjack 21 is a game of chance, the dealer statistically has a 2-3% advantage over players in terms of the percentage of chips won. For this reason, according to, playing with a set strategy does help.

Lets’s take a look at some proven strategies that can help you, according to Parade, play Blackjack 21 better – and maximize your winnings.

  1. The first thing a player must remember to do is: Always assume that the card that; they cannot see is a 10. When it comes to the Blackjack game, the odds are high that this will always be the case as a 10, Jack, Queen, And King; all represent this value – which is about a third of the total number of 13 cards.
  2. Remember to double your bet if your first two cards add to 11. As you are playing for 21, and as mentioned above, usually there is about a 31% chance that the next card will represent the value of 10, this naturally makes sense.
  3. Make sure to split a pair of 8’s and Aces. Again remember, you are vouching on the next card representing a 10 – so you can have two 18s or 21s.
  4. If you want to play Blackjack online, remember that you might want to use Blackjack card counting software. Such software can let you know how to play Blackjack, when to hit and when not to. What must be said, if you can count cards manually – be careful not to be seen doing this in a casino as this is not allowed at most of them. Furthermore, a lot of online blackjack games deal with blackjack cards from a new pack each time. In this case, card counting software, or techniques might not work.
  5. If you are a beginner (presumably), try to find sites, or locations, that offer free Blackjack 21 games. This way, you can play without losing money and gain valuable experience.
  6. Lastly, a good rule of thumb – if your cards add up to 16 or more, try not to hit. The chances are you will go bust.

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